Watershed Advisory Committee

  • Dave Hillier, Mower County Commissioner
  • Jon Erichson, Mower SWCD Supervisor
  • Mark Schaetzke, Freeborn SWCD
  • Richard Hoffman, Freeborn County Env. Services
  • Dan Arndt, Steele SWCD
  • Doug Johnson, Steele County Commissioner
  • Dave Livingston, Dodge SWCD Supervisor
  • Jack Heather, Citizen
  • Rod Moe, Citizen

MN Association of Watershed Districts

A.   Local Agencies

Mower County
Mower SWCD
Turtle Creek Watershed District
Freeborn County
Freeborn SWCD
Shell Rock River Watershed District
Steele County
Steele SWCD
Dodge County
Dodge SWCD

B.   Minnesota State Agencies

Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR)
Minnesota DNR
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
University of Minnesota Extension Service

C.   Federal Agencies

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
United States Geological Survey (USGS) water resources
U.S. Fish & Wildlife
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
Surf Your Watershed District, US Environmental Protection Agency
Surf Your Minnesota Watershed District, US Environmental Protection Agency

D.   Water Related Associations

Freshwater Foundation
Minnesota Waters
Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts
Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Irrigation Association
Minnesota Association of Floodplain Managers
Minnesota Ground Water Association

E.    Water Information

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Water Online

Pollution Online
SEEK+Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge
American Water Resources Association
Public Works Line
New Strategies for America's Watersheds
The Drainage Outlet
LCMR/McKnight Foundation Report

F.    Water Experts 

Barr Engineering
Emmons & Olivier Resources
HDR Engineering, Inc.
Houston Engineering, Inc.
Jones, Haugh & Smith, Inc.
Mead & Hunt
Rinke-Noonan Law Firm
UofM Extension Service On-Site Sewage Treatment Program
Water Laws
Wenck Associates, Inc.
Westwood Professional Services